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Computer Science Student Research Day

September 25

This year CS Student Research Day will take place Friday, September 25, 2020.  The event for this year will be Virtual.


This annual event brings together students and faculty in Computer Science, Data Science, and Complex Systems areas within CEMS. The primary goal of the event is to allow research-active students to present their work (finished or in-progress) to their peers and mentors. We hope the event will also facilitate research-oriented conversations between students and faculty who don’t normally hear about each other’s work throughout the year. All students and members of the UVM community are welcome to attend. However, presentation slots will only be considered for research-active BS/MS/Ph.D. students on Computer Science and Data Science or Complex Systems related topics.


The program for last year’s event is here:



The program for this year’s event will be posted here.



This year’s distinguished guest speakers will be:

– Tina Eliassi-Rad

Professor at the Khoury College of Computer Sciences

Core Faculty at the Network Science Institute

Northeastern University, Boston, MA


Tina will give a 1-hour technical research talk in the morning titled “JUST MACHINE LEARNING”, after this, she will give a 15-minute non-technical talk titled “MY JOURNEY THROUGH THE VARIOUS SEASONS OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE”.


– Josh Bongard


Department of Computer Science

University of Vermont


Josh will give a 1-hour technical research talk, Title: “Beyond deep learning: automated design of soft, crowdsourced and biological machines.”


We are currently accepting student talk proposals.  All research active BS/BA, MS, and Ph.D. students are welcome to submit proposals to present.  Students should submit a talk proposal in one of the two categories:

– long talk: 20 minutes + 5 minutes Q/A

– short talk: 16 minutes + 4 minutes Q/A


To submit a talk proposal, send email to the organizer of the event (safwan.wshah@uvm.edu) and cc your research advisor(s) with the following information:

– Title

– Short abstract

– Short (20 min)or long category (25 min)

– Names of your research advisor(s)

– The time slot you would like to present, please include all slots YOU CAN MAKE.  Find slots start and end time here http://www.uvm.edu/~swshah/cs-srd/2020.html

Please submit your proposal by August 20. There is only so much room in the program—if we receive more submissions than there are slots before August 20, we will select proposals based on quality review by the organizer with a consultation with CS faculty members. If the program is not full by August 20, we will select proposals on a first-come-first-serve basis.


September 25
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